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We finished up our first season of SVTP Tool-Tech videos with a review of bottle openers, because a cold beer and wrenching on your favorite Ford is a match made in Heaven. However, that beer better be cold; Ice Cold. Nobody should have to suffer the indignity of tepid beer, especially not an SVTP Member. So if you’re out and about that means you’re going to need a cooler.
backpack cooler

The Voyager cooler is just the right size for a weekend excursion.​

It just so happened that upstart outdoor merchandise manufacturer Tourit called us up and offered us the opportunity to test any of their products we were interested in. They claim unmatched quality and utility, so we were keen to check out their wares. While they have an extensive line of coolers, bags, and backpacks we quickly zeroed in on a fairly unique cooler. We requested the 30- Can Waterproof Backpack Cooler, more simply known as the Voyager.

backpack cooler

I feel like JJ Abrams with the lens flairs, but at least we know the Voyager will fit in the bed of a Lightning.​

Fast forward a few days and this massive box showed up on our door. Why is the box so big? It’s because there are TWO Tourit Voyager Coolers in there. And there are Tourit Voyager Coolers in there because one lucky SVTP member is going to win the second one. But more on that later, let’s get back to the review.

tourit Voyager Backpack

Check out the insulation on this thing. It's over an inch of high density encapsulated foam. ​

Upon opening the shipping box I was struck by two things. First, this thing is beefy. It’s a good deal bigger than I was expecting. It’s not enormous, but it is a great size for drinks for a family or two guys doing a weekend Blitz Build on a New-Edge Cobra. Ask me how I know. Second, the quality is really nice. In fact, it seems to be on par with anything else in the premium bag-cooler category. I tend to spend a lot of time around boats, so I’m pretty familiar with another popular Chinese manufactured cooler brand whose name rhymes with ‘Sweaty’. I see nothing in that universally known, expensive, brand that is superior to the Tourit Voyager; and the Voyager has some innovative features that the Sweaty likes to sell you separately (at an additional premium price).

soft side cooler

The lid is also heavily insulated and fits snugly inside the side-wall foam, creating an effective thermal barrier. ​

Want a few examples? Well comes equipped from the factory with a couple of built-in waterproof pockets perfect for holding a phone or wallet (or Glock if you’re going to Chicago), and an integrated bottle opener. Another nice touch are the built in Mole straps. With them you can attach any number of accessories including a Blue-Tooth speak blasting Steel Panther from the phone in the aforementioned waterproof pouch. There’s even a strap on the bottom to hold a rolled up towel if you’re going to the beach or pool, or for soaking up the tears of all the defeated Camaro owners you leave in your wake.

tourit cooler

The zipper is another high quality piece. It creates an effective seal, and that two-finger pull is required to over come the traction required to close it.​

As for heavy duty construction features, there’s a few that stand out. First, because the zippers are so tight (in order to remain waterproof) the including of a zipper pull with double finger holes is greatly appreciated. Another feature that gives a nod to the Voyager’s heavy-duty nature is the built in cross-chest strap. Tourit knew you were going to load this thing up and hike vast distances, so the extra support was an easy decision to include. Finally, the construction materials are also top notch. The interior and exterior are thermally welded thermoplastic polyurethane, and the insulation is a high density encapsulated foam.

soft cooler

This bottle opener is essential equipment. A lot of manufacturers would sell you this feature separately, but not Tourit.​

All that sounds great, but it doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t work well as a cooler. So we decided to put it through what I would consider a real world test. We loaded it up with 12 Sweet Water Tall-Boy cans that had been pre-chilled in the refrigerator overnight and ~13 pounds of ice. We then zipped it closed and the test began.

tourit 30

The backpack straps are beefy, and should hold up to years of use/abuse.

Voyager 30
The integrated waterproof pockets are a really nice touch, and something else that other brand sell separately at an additional cost.

Backpack Cooler

The section of the cooler that would contact your back is a grippy rubber material that will keep it from sliding around

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