Testing NEW COOLER 2018 TOURIT 30!! 72 Hour Ice CHALLENGE Surprising Results!?!?!

Posted by Finance ZYY on

Today we are Testing a NEW PROTOTYPE Cooler, the 2018 TOURIT Cooler! AND we are doing an Ice CHALLENGE!!! **Surprising Results ALERT** I was pretty amazed at how this soft pack cooler held up to the elements here in South Florida. The weather conditions down here are pretty brutal and this cooler handled them like a champ! NO LEAKS!!! the cooler design is really nice and modern, and it is water proof. It held ice for 72hours and the water factor was FREEZING! after 3 days my drinks were still cold!
Buy it:https://www.tourit.com/collections/hot-sale/products/voyager-backpack

Provided by: BitetheBait Fishing

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