Tourit Rucksack Voyager 30

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We have been looking for a cooling backpack for a long time, which can be used at any time even under severe outdoor conditions. The Tourit Voyager backpack is perfect for this. Tourit comes from the USA and was founded 2017. The philosophy of the company is to develop products that are of a high quality standard in the outdoor area and at the same time capable of any use. High-quality workmanship and stable texture are a matter of course.

Tourit Rucksack Voyager 30

We received the Voyager Backpack as a test product. In this large and spacious backpack you can store about 36-cans of beer and the waterproof storage capacity is about 72h. Likewise, the cooling is long lasting and can last up to three days. The backpack can score points on all expeditions. It comes with a strap for easy carrying for beach visits, as well as a padded back support and straps that allow for carrying as a backpack and at the same time make it comfortable. On the left and right there is enough storage space in the side pockets and on the front you can attach additional equipment to the extra straps. The outer coating is waterproof and stable as well as inside. You can hardly believe it, but the heavy backpack is still comfortable to carry even with more than ten bottles of beer. 3 layers with special membrane ensure a constant temperature.

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It feels huge in size. 45x35x25 cm in total and you can transport up to 21L in it. If scratches get into the inner wall and the water escapes, a special adhesive is included to repair the leak as quickly as possible. Furthermore, a small bottle opener is attached to one of the carriers. The surface is easy to clean and very stable. The empty weight is flabby 2.12 kg and depending on 3 bottles plus 1kg. With 31-cans in it, it should weigh about 11Kg.

We tested the Tourit Voyager backpack outdoors and indoors and tried out what it can do. Outdoor, it is stable and easy to handle for its size and can be taken anywhere. We tested its cooling capacity during a tasting indoors and noticed that the beers with battery elements remain consistently cool. The backpack is perfect for a tasting with friends at home or outdoors. It will find its use and the price is really acceptable for this product.


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