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March 07, 2019

Every 8th of March is a remarkable day in every part of the world as women, generally, are being celebrated for their personality, their exploits, their significance in the society, and their independence. It is a day every year in which women are given a priority in society, where they are being recognized.

Women’s day or international women’s day, as it is being referred to worldwide, is a special day in which the existence of women is seen and respected as an integral part of the society and how they have relentlessly helped to move the family and the society to its present state with their heads up high!

Tourit Women's Day

Prevalent Features of Women’s Day:

  • All-round celebration: All over the world, March 8 has been selected to be a day in which women will be celebrated in in multiple areas of life, from the political sphere, educational sphere, economic sphere, even to the social sphere. Every woman gets commended for being a part of the world positively.
  • Equality: Annually, women’s day is being marked as a day in which the female gender is seen to be an equal gender to the male gender as great achievements of women overtime is usually being remembered and recognized as great and important inputs to humanity.
  • It involves gifting: Amazingly, a lot of people have adopted the day to be a day of rewarding their female relatives and friends who have added a great deal to their lives with wonderful gifts of appreciation and goodwill.
  • Holiday: In some part of the world, women’s day is being marked as a work-free day for their citizens and a day to have a good time with the female friends and family members and help them have a memorable day. Some of the countries that mark the day for the holiday are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and some others.



Over the years, the special day is known to be a day that is worth anticipating, it has been observed that a lot of women see this day as a day to express their views freely, enjoy their existence on earth with friends and family members, and a day that features a lot of importance in women’s lives.

The mood or feeling of women’s day is usually a wonderful one, especially one where women get the best gifts they have ever received all through their lives. They do not often forget these days as they anticipate the next women’s day of the next year.



To make the annual celebration a wonderful one for women, some of the most important gifts that should be considered for them are: cockatoo insulated backpack and osprey insulated backpack.


  • Cockatoo insulated backpack: The Cockatoo insulated backpack is firm and tightly designed backpack that avoids any form of leak of packed content out of its compartment. It could be considered as the best backpacks for picnics, and it’s a good reason to gift a woman the Cockatoo insulated backpack as a women’s day present. To make its users comfortable and clean every time, it uses a ventilate material to avoid the back being soaked with sweat. To think of the Cockatoo insulated backpack as an option for office workers is impressive as it can function as either a lunch bag or a daily pack.

  Cockatoo insulated backpack cooler 

insulated cooler backpack 

    • Osprey insulated backpack:The Osprey insulated backpack is a water resisting backpack cooler that can serve more than enough functions for tasks carried out by women. It is an outstanding choice when thinking of a gift that would be useful to women and their various activities including packing, traveling, shopping, and so on. Its compartment is spacious and accommodating with a unique interior feature that resists mold and mildew, and also possesses more than enough temperature to help preserve your edibles for as long as 16 hours straight.
Osprey insulated backpackOsprey insulated backpack


In conclusion

 What more could be a better women’s day gift for the beautiful women around than a gift that allows them to have a better day to day activities, even in a better condition now? Appreciate your loved women today with gifts, appreciate them with quality insulted backpacks!

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